How to Join the VR Master League

 If you are a competitive player looking to make it to the top in every ranking you see, look no further. The VR Master League is here to bring you the best VR Sports leagues in the world. With a community of thousands of players, you will have no problem to join or create a team and fight to be the best in your game.

Currently the VR Master League has 6 ongoing leagues full of players:

  • Echo Arena: ~900 Players
  • Onward: ~400 Players
  • Pavlov: ~350 Players
  • Others: ~100 Players

VRML also provides support for specific game tournaments from time to time like Tower Tag, Pistol Whip and Synth Riders.

OK, I’m in, how do I join the VR Master League?

If you want to join the league, the first thing you need is to have a team. Depending on your game the number of players can vary, so the first recommendation is that you go to the league page and read the rules of the game you want to compete in.

Once you know how many players, you will need to join your game’s Discord channel and look for a team or ask for players to join your own squad.

VR Master League discords
VRML Channels for Onward and Echo Arena

Now it’s time to register in the league. Go to the VRML Site and click register. Enter your data and you are done…easy.

VRML Register form

You can also add your stream URL so anyone in the site can visit it so you can promote your own content.

Does the league have streams?

Despite being a community-driven league, VRML has high quality streams. Every week a team of professional casters selects different matches taking place to be broadcasted live on Twitch (VODs also available on Youtube).

We recommend you to check one of our VOD’s to appreciate the production value these guys are delivering:

Team Gravity vs Phantoms – Season 1 Match

What is the future of VR Esports?

Phantoms Esports have been competing for 2 years within the VRML and we can say that the players and teams growth is constant. The launch of Oculus Quest and the ports to this competitive game platform has attracted an incredible amount of players.

Giving some context, Echo Arena’s Season 1 had a total of 238 players, after the release of this game for Oculus Quest we have 862 players registered and playing for active teams.

This gives us an idea of the growth that VR Esports has along with headset sales. So there is no indication that this growth will slow down in the short term. So being in these early stages we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity and start your career in VR Esports.

See you in the Arena!

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